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Caregiver Circus! – Play! Create! Live!

- Adult Creativity and Play in the ECE Environment

Caregiver Circus is a space to dive in to the real joy of play and creativity. Caregivers will experience a handful of delightful games, and learn about the serious health and social benefits of creativity. If play is good enough for the kids…

In this workshop you will:

Enjoy Hands On experience creating and playing

Acquire the Creative Viewpoint – a positive way to see the children, parents, and staff

Learn the value of being a Creative Role Model

Gain a greater insight into your own Playful Potential

Learn some techniques for sharing Creativity with Kids.

Orient yourself toward Joy and Fun

Discover how to recognize and avoid resistance, fear, negative self talk, and ruts.

Creative caregivers make creative teams…

Healthier, lighter, more fluid atmosphere in the workplace

Enhanced communication

Reduced stress – more relaxed

Reduce burn out rates

Powerful modelling for children

More responsive, perceptive and open caregivers and coworkers

Enhanced problem solving abilities

Children are creative – for now - but how creative they will be as adults depends on the degree of imagination and play that they see in the adults who care for them today. Open the door for them, in yourself.

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.”
-George Bernard Shaw

Wear runners and old, comfortable clothes!