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The Dark Kingdom

A workshop for serious artists and fools.

As storytellers, we strive to be closer to our story and to the listener.

There are many techniques for developing relationships with both. This workshop is not about those techniques.

The Dark Kingdom is a passage to the interior landscape of obstacles which keep us from our story, the listeners and ourselves.

In this land we may encounter Dragons of fear, Trollish habits,enchanted but useless beliefs, our own wise critics, handsome but ignorant strengths, right down to our precious Achilles heels.

Any of the creatures that dwells in the dark can keep us from being open and expressing ourselves honestly.

But they needn’t. Welcome all beasties! We go to this land with the greatest of respect for all the nasties there…

The Dark Kingdom is designed for those who are thinking of performing, but are a bit nervous, or those who think they know it all, but have the feeling that they might be missing something. Growth and change depend completely on where you are ready to go with it!