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About Dippity Doo!

A CD of traditional and original songs for children up to six years old.

Simple, easy to follow, and Fun!
Familiar to several generations - Grandma loves these tunes too!
Mainly just beautiful voice and melodic guitar - not crammed with electronic extras.
Adults love Melinda's singing as much a children do!

What the critics are saying:

This CD is fabulous! I run a child daycare and the children are always asking to listen to “Dippity Doo”.
- Sheri, Regina, SK

Her granddaughter insists on playing your cd EVERY TIME she gets in the car.
- Ruth M, Woodstock, ON

My daughter Lauren loves the CD. I mean LOVES it.
Thank you so much.
- Cathy U, Regina, SK

I listen to a LOT of children's performers, and yours is at the top of the list in this house!
- Tiffany W, Regina, SK is the best one she has and the songs are some Grandma knows. Any way I would like to have one in case I get any more grandchildren or just to have at my house.
- Norma M, Medicine Hat, AB

I actually was thinking of you on Sunday when I played your CD to our little grandson, Ryan. He was "dancing" to it and clapped and said "yeah" after every song - so you have a fan there. He is 15 months old.. - Sue L, Vancouver, BC

Listen to these five free samples:

Five Little Monkeys
What'll I Do With The Baby-O
Coulter's Candy