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Fingerplay Boot Camp! – A workshop

E.C.E. * Librarians * Parents * Literacy Professionals * Teachers

A workshop to spark the long awaited fingerplay renaissance! Participants work in small and large groups to learn basic concepts and to exercise skills. Complete, thorough handouts guarantee that no book learning will be lost through all the giggling, chortling and guffawing that will comprise most of the day.

Children learn more quickly when they are having fun. So do we.

1-2-3 Guarantee - Participants will acquire:

1 Enthusiasm!

• Vast enthusiasm about fingerplays and action rhymes – everyone is a dynamic finger-player

• Passion about body rhymes - learn about their importance to brain development, physical, social, emotional well being

• Three to six hours of Joy. The workshop is drastically entertaining. Participants will enjoy more laughs per hour than they could at any movie currently showing.

2 Skills!

• Techniques to avoid the repetition trap – to keep you in the game and interested

• Spontaneity boot camp – a system for creating new fingerplays on the fly, or adapting old ones by co creating with children

• Three golden rules of creating and improvising fingerplays

• Wiggles Welcome: Ways to harness group contagion and refocus “fidgety” energy toward success

• The Power of Yes - Coping strategies for difficult situations

3 The Goods - New Fingerplays and Rhymes!

• Kinaesthetic quickies for successful story times

• Fill your sack with exciting new sure-fire rhymes

• Become a master of the art of Big Sleeves – always have new delight up your sleeve

Some Facts:

Fingerplays Matter! Language is alive. Language moves. Language, especially in young children, is physical.


Fingerplays, action rhymes, chants, and body language games are essential to growing children.

Concept Learning:

These special gifts are a way to honour children’s strong need to learn concepts and skills through motion, imitation, unity, creation and joy.

Successful Group Times:

Fingerplays glue the children’s attention to the activities, to you, and to each other.

Fingerplays provide a flow between other storytime activities – a break, and a necessary vehicle for focusing wiggles and group contagion.

Keep it Fresh:

Quite often, we get bored of the “Five Littles” (witches, pumpkins, snowmen, sausages etc). Children do too. We need to rethink our experience of fingerplays, and infuse a new energy into our group times. When our bag of tricks stops growing, we stagnate, and the children feel it.

In Fingerplay Boot Camp! you will fill that bag of tricks to overflowing.

More importantly, you will reinvent your approach to physical poetry and games.

You will bring a new life to your story times, a spirit which will open the door to joy, learning, and success.