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Success Story:

Verbal Confidence for Adult Learners

Oral language is the most common and essential medium of communication in life. Speech connects people.

Our effectiveness in expressing our needs, concerns and opinions is an integral part of our self concept.

Well being and success flow from our connection to the outside world, and to ourselves.

Speaking and listening, like writing and reading, are skills. Everyone has unique strengths as communicators.

It is at this truth of basic intuitive skill and intelligence that Success Story begins to transform speakers.

Success Story will:

* Heighten awareness of the basic process of oral communication.

* Aide participants in discovering their unique gifts as communicators

* Teach participants how to neutralize negative inner voices, beliefs and habits around speaking and listening.

* Impart tangible skills for supporting one another in effective expression during and after the workshop.

* Expose participants to a listening opportunity which will teach them about themselves.

Participants will gain:

Confidence in themselves as speakers and listeners

Awareness of their unique verbal and transactional strengths

Calming tools to aide speaking in difficult situations like interviews

Heightened trust in others as listeners

Access to a new set of helpful beliefs and habits to enhance communication

Tools for dealing with unhelpful beliefs and habits

Greater understanding of the communication process

An appreciation of listening as an art form, and an active challenge

How success story came about:

Kevin Mackenzie has made his profession oral storytelling for eight years. He has worked with thousands of educators, actors, writers, performers, therapists and regular folk, lighting the spark of storytelling. In designing activities to motivate people to stand tall and tell their stories, Kevin has acquired considerable knowledge and skill in helping people across barriers of fear and anxiety.

It became apparent that most hurdles to effective communication lay at the level of self knowledge, self acceptance, risk tolerance and unconscious beliefs. Kevin has therefore designed activities to gently help participants realize their strengths, and recognize and detach from their weaknesses. The process is energizing, empowering, and enjoyable. The intimate and trusting nature of the workshop encourages adult learners to find the answers inside themselves. Success Story is a safe space where everyone is heard.