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What People Are Saying About Kevin's Storytelling

One story, I told it to my grandmother!
- Oscar age 9 - Collegio Americano De Torreon, Mexico

Never do something else than telling stories.  It's amazing how fascinating stories can be if you tell them in the right way!  Thanks!
- Fenna, Age 15, exchange student from Germany, Hazlet School, Saskatchewan

Thanks you because you funny.  The storyteller was funny!  You come another time.  I like it.  It was good.  It was great.
- From Noah – High River, Alberta

I now the best days in my live are going to be working with you.  Sincirly, Anaflavia
- Anaflavia, British School Quito, Ecuador

You are a good storyteller.  You know a lot of good stories.  Can you please come again?  You are funny.  Oh, I have another joke for you when you come back.  If you do.  I can't wait until you come again.  Well, I can't wait until you come.
- Clay age 7 - Spitzee Elementary, Alberta

I'm one of the kids from Madame Hautcoeur's grade 3/4 class.  I thought that your storytelling was AWESOME!!!  You are the best storyteller I have ever heard, I'm serious.  Please come to our school again.  If there was an award for the best storyteller I bet you would win it.

P.S. By the way I like your hair.

P.S.P.S. I'll try and figure out that tongue twister.
- Rachel M. 9 years old, St. Pius X School, Saskatchewan

Your improvised story, weaving suggestions from the students into a humorous tale, had a great impact on the students. Grades 5’s are still talking about the event. Some have promised me their own story based on what they watched you create.
- Meredith MacKeen, Teacher Librarian, Glen Stewart School, Prince Edward Island

Well, its official we all loved you, I got nothing but positive feedback on your performance.  One of the teachers thought you were the best storyteller she has ever seen.
- Melva Chicoine Teacher Librarian, Avonlea School, Saskatchewan

I feel fortunate that our students have had the opportunity to be part of such an inspiring performance.  I unreservedly recommend him to you.
- Paul Scully, Principal, MacDonald Consolidated School, New Brunswick

The children were transfixed for an hour, laughing, sharing ideas when asked to, or sitting mesmerized, listening.  His ability to improvise a story on the spot from the input of the children was truly delightful.  We look forward to having him return again and recommend him highly – a storyteller par excellence!
- Daina Aleksis, Teacher, Atlantic Memorial School, New Brunswick

The children were captivated by and enthusiastic about his performance and they continued to talk about it long after it was over. The following comment by one teacher in our school captures the feelings we all shared about Kevin’s storytelling abilities and imaginative performance: “He was fabulous, creative, alive, and right on with the kids.”
- Chantal Larrivee, Teacher, Queen Elizabeth Annex, Vancouver, BC