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Tell It! - Oral Storytelling to Young Children

Fingerplay Boot Camp – Action Rhymes and Wiggles for Life

Caregiver Circus - Adult Creativity and Play in the ECE Environment

Success Story - Verbal Confidence for Adult Learners

The Dark Kingdom - A Growth Tool for Performers and Creators

Alberta Workshop Funding Updates

The Alberta Child Care Accreditation Funding will recognize Fingerplay Boot Camp, Tell It!, and Caregiver Circus workshops as eligible for approved child care staff/programs to use Professional Development Funding and Program Quality Funding. Reimbursements would be made to eligible child care staff and programs upon submission of the required accreditation funding forms.
Supplementary B Funding form

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Tell It! Storytelling with Young Children
An introduction to the stories, fingerplays, rhymes and games that young children need and love. 

Fostering Creative Writing Using Improvised Storytelling
Editing the teacher’s work is always more fun!

Legacy: Family Tales Community and Identity
Astound yourself with the fact of the fiction that your family has lived!

Creating Confident Public Speakers
Turn oral presentations from foe to friend for your students

Jokes, Riddles, Humour and Essential Silliness in the Classroom
Feeding a fire for educational gain!

Dramatic Storytelling in Groups
Activities to bring the imagination out through the body.

Why Tell Stories?
Scratching the surface of communication and learning.

Storytelling Toward Literacy
Light the fire for language when it really counts.

The Value of Scary Stories
(workshop & keynote)
Don’t throw out the ghosts and ghouls just yet.  They are popular for good reason!

World Folklore and Multicultural Learning
(workshop & keynote)
Celebrate uniqueness through universality.

Basic Storytelling Workshops!

Tell It! – Level One
A transformative workshop – all concepts come from participants’ immediate experience, and are validated by Kevin’s facilitation, not vice versa.

We start with low risk activities, and gradually increase the level of commitment until we are having a heap of fun.

Tell It! Uses large and small group exercises which encourage participants to experience the basic concepts of storytelling, how it works and why it is important.

After three hours, participants will have learned two stories so well that there is no reason under the sun not to dash out and share them.

Tell It Again! - Level Two
This workshop builds on the process and concepts experienced in level one.

Participants practice more and different stories with a focus on discovering their own strengths, and removing unhelpful thinking patterns and preconceptions which hold any storyteller, writer, performer or artist back.

Level one introduces participants to storytelling in the broader sense. Level two helps participants get a feeling for how deep their own storytelling goes.

Professional development workshops are tailored to clients’ needs.  Exercises can be adapted to accommodate small and large Groups.